We travel to horse shows throughout Alabama and Georgia regularly. During show season we will typically have from 1-3 shows per month. All of our riders are encouraged to show if it is something that they think that they would enjoy. If you are interested in joining us for competitions, speak with your instructor or get in touch with Stephanie to find out what you need to do to plan for your first outing.

What you need to wear at a show varies depending on where we are competing. You will always need to wear your tan riding pants and your best, cleanest pair of boots (Hunter shows: tall boots if 13 and over, paddock boots and garters if 12 and under. Eventing shows: Paddock boots and garters for riders under 13 are fine, but everyone is welcome to wear tall boots). You will also need your helmet, preferably a conservative color, and dark gloves. Some shows are more laid back and only require polos, in which case we ask that you wear a white polo shirt with a belt. At other shows, full formal attire is standard which includes a show shirt and choker under a show coat. Your trainer can tell you what will be required for each show and if you prefer to only compete in the more laid back shows, just ask your trainer which shows to sign up for.

When you decide to enter a show, tell your trainer as soon as possible so that you can start working very specifically towards riding goals that will help you to be successful. The day before the show you will be responsible for bathing your horse and making sure that everything you need is clean and ready. You should plan on coming out and giving your horse a thorough bath (make those white socks really sparkle!) and cleaning your saddle and bridle. We ask that you put your tack in the trailer, especially if you own the horse that you are showing. It is very helpful on travel day/show day that our instructors can go to the farm, load clean horses, and head to the show without having to figure out what equipment every rider will need. Also make sure that before you head to the show you clean your boots. We always want to make our best appearance at a show, and it is horse show etiquette to show the judge respect by being clean and organized in the ring. Judges will appreciate your preparation and reward you accordingly.

The cost of shows varies depending on the type of competition and the location. We do our best to make competing something that is as affordable as possible. You will be given a single fee for competing and this fee will cover all entry fees associated with entering the show, coaching fees for your trainers, and shipping fees. Shows closer to home are generally less costly to participate in because of the price of fuel. We do have some show series that allow us to travel and compete for the same prices as home shows because the entry fees are so affordable that they make up for the increase in shipping. This is a great way to take advantage of travelling and competing in different venues without the added cost.

Keep an eye on our Calendar page also for updates on upcoming competition dates. We try to keep the calendar filled in as far in advance as possible so that you can plan ahead and prepare. We always have the shows for the coming month on the white board in the barn office so you can always see what is coming up and sign up there.